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Carefully I tilled the soil of my mind.
In orderly drills of meditation and right activity
I planted the seed of yearning for Thee
-Carefully sifted from many weed-seeds of useless desires.

After the cold winter of mundane life
Dawns the spring of Thy grace.
Lovingly I water tender shoots of peace and joy
With steams of discrimination and surrender.

I am building strong fences of fearlessness
To protect the seedlings of universal sympathy
From marauding dogs of sense attachment.

With the warm kiss of the sunshine of Thy love
The swelling buds of my devotion will burst
The five sepal calyx of attachment
And awaken to many hues of Thy bliss.

Embracing sunshine arms of Thy love,
Dancing the joy-dance in the quiet breeze of unplumbed peace,
I will spread the fragrance of Thy love to all!

- Swami Dharmananda


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